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meme thing
stolen from Ghostlybunny
(Go check em out, they're really nice and so is their content)
1. What's your full name?
Kyle N.
2. What's your real age?
3. When is your birthday?
August 15
4. What's your gender?
Male (both natural and identification)
5. How about your sexual orientation? (Example: Gay, Bisexual...)
6. Are you single?
7. What's your girlfriend/boyfriend's name?
My right hand
8. Which is better: Dogs or Cats?
9. Which is better: Werewolves or Vampires?
Vampires cause I heard they can give some good SUCC
10. Do you believe in God and Jesus?
Personally, I'm not taking the time to assign myself to a religion. Especially since I agree with some morals from various religions. So yes and no.
11. What's your religion?
12. What do you like to draw?
Characters, but I'll every once in awhile will do geometric
13. What state/province do you live in?
14. Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream?
15. Do you draw with a Mouse or a Tablet?
16. Have
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Okay so recently me and alot of people got into a heated debate over sexuality (as some people didn't believe Asexuality is real).

Let's gloss over some of the points (directly quoted and their names have been changed to protect them.)

Barry: i don't watch samurai jack

Bob: The gay community is mad at the heterosexuality in it

Barry: we're always mad a heterosexuality

Bob: I mean people thought he was asexual.Even after the episode he got a kiss from a girl and was really flustered.

Barry: asexuality is a weird subject

It's a fake subject

its not, but okay

Bob: It's not our intention to be unattracted to nothing, and we can't reproduce with ourselves naturally.
To us, it is fake.

Barry: But its also not a choice to say "Im just not going to feel like i love anything ever"

Bob: That's not asexuality.

Me: That's the scientific definition. by that logic homosexuality is fake Subject. Cause males can't reproduce with males

Bob: Asexuality is impossible, or such a birth defect so rare.
Homosexuality is not our intention, but it is normal to be attracted


Alrighty let me explain how "Bob's" argument is flawed in some areas but correct in others. This is strictly my opinion.

Bob's flaws-
When homosexuality, asexuality, and Heterosexuality are used in a social sense we aren't using the scientific definition. We're using the basic English rules of A- meaning not, homo- meaning same, and Hetero- meaning different. Therefore we aren't saying that if we are asexual that we can reproduce asexually.

What Bob got right-
Sexuality, in my opinion,

Can be determined in various ways

We could be wired to misread signals and receive the same signals as a hetero man looking at an attractive woman when we see an attractive person of the same sex. We could also receive the same signals from both or neither gender.


Through life experiances gain/lose interest or trust in a particular gender. One event is rape, which if it's same sex rape same sex could very likely lead to homophobia.
Now I can't say shit about transexuality or transgender as I don't know enough about it or the community (and it's pretty hard to do so without getting called transphobic these days). I will use whatever pronouns you want me to use and I will respect that. As for me, I frankly don't give half a flying fuck what ya call me. Gender is really an odd subject to me because,well all there is to being a guy is having a penis and to being a girl is having a vagina and breasts. There is no mental difference (other than a few functions dealing with their respective genitalia such as hormones ) between the two sexes. I really do want to know more about that community since I want to be more active in the LGBTQ Community and I really don't understand the concept of gender.
#lgbtcommunity #lgbtpride #lgbtq #lgbtrights #asexuality #confusion

embedded_item1495927627781 by RetroDoodleZ
Blue Jay
Name- Jay "Blue Jay" Harper
Height- 5'10
Weight- 120
Gender- Male
Sexuality- Gay
Personality- Introverted and shy, but trying to change that

Good god this took awhile, but it was worth it!
7 hours well spent. I personally believe this is my best piece yet.
When I choose a battle theme for my OC's I usually try to find things that match their personalities, Movement, and overall strength. Bear that in mind when you hear these

Raging!Steam- (Brawler)

Geno!Watts- (Tao Kaka with orbitals)

Abridged!Al- (unpredictable)

Canon!Al- (general pacifist but will defend Sol. He relies heavily on his free form metal manipulation)

Canon! Watts- (dem legs are pretty pointy)

Canon! Buttons: (he's weak and not much of a fighter in any sense. He usually either dodges or just takes it like a man... Machine...Soul infused robot waiter... What ever the fuck)

Special (you're getting a sneak peek here)

Hybrid!Buttons- (average fighting skill, primarily uses legs and ice elemental)

If ya wanna do this, JUST DO IT


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